From HSBC and Greece to Opec and the Bank of England: What got us talking this week

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This is what got us talking... (Source: Getty)

There was really only one story this week.

HSBC was at the centre of a scandal that only progressed along with the week. By Friday it was facing a grilling from one select committee and an investigation by another, while the possibility of police involvement was also hanging in the air. There was even the threat that the US Department of Justice could get involved. By the end of the week, even chief executive Stuart Gulliver had admitted the bank had “fallen short”.
The other story that kept us busy was Greece, specifically the impasse reached with German Chancellor Angela Merkel not giving an inch. That means further meetings next week, although it's difficult to see where the compromise could be reached. In case you've forgotten what all the fuss is about, this piece explains the issues in seven charts. But there was, at least on Twitter, some hope that love could blossom with a great selection of #Greekvalentines poetry.
Apple made another record by smashing the $700bn valuation this week. Here are three charts that put that figure into perspective.
Bank of England governor Mark Carney revealed his outlook for the UK's economy and to paraphrase one analyst, the report was two thirds goods, one third bad.
Also this week it appeared as though Opec might actually be winning the oil war. After a report suggested US production had dropped, thought to be a reaction to the last few months of falling prices, we started to see signs of a resurgence.

Leisurely reads

The world is going tipsy-turvey, or so ONS data suggested this week. Young people in Britain are turning teetotal, while the biggest increase in binge drinking can be found among the over 65s.
You may have read many a travel guide to Japan in your time, but have you ever read one that includes an incident of drunken nudity? If not, you need to read this now.

Great reads from elsewhere

As we head into peak fashion season, this piece from the Wall Street Journal neatly explores how lucrative style blogging can be.
If you haven't read it yet, Buzzfeed had an exclusive interview with US President Barack Obama. In more typical Buzzfeed style, they also made him pose with a selfie stick for amusing gifs.
Lastly, with all the talk about suppliers to big retailers, this extract from textiles veteran David Alliance, published by Retail Week, gives great insight into working with Marks & Spencer.

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