Euro clubs fear Premier League becoming NBA

Frank Dalleres
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EUROPE’S top football clubs have been urged to join forces in a bid to rein in the power of the Premier League, following its eye-watering new £5.1bn television deal.

The president of a leading French team says he fears England’s domestic competition is on course to become football’s equivalent of the NBA, and wants European chiefs Uefa to intervene. Bernard Caiazzo of St Etienne, fourth in France’s Ligue 1, expects action but admits he needs support from bigger clubs such as Real Madrid.

“The Premier League football becomes the NBA,” Caiazzo said. “It will be greater than the Champions League. Clubs like Manchester United or Chelsea will have budgets of €700m or €800m (£519m or £593m). What is happening in England will react in Germany, Italy or Spain. And I do not imagine that Uefa does not react. But there will be a greater attention if the request comes from Bayern, Real, Barca or AC Milan instead of Saint-Etienne.”