Maximum excitement on the CWC with sporting index

WITH nearly 20 specials markets for England’s Cricket World Cup opener against Australia, Sporting Index really does have something for everyone.

As well as total wides, total sixes and total fours, there are also unique markets like 50-Ups, Ton-Ups, Zero Tolerance and Full English.

50-Ton-Ups are a prediction on the aggregate total of players' runs over 50. So if three players in an innings hit 50+ runs, for example, a 59, a 90 and a 121, the make-up would be 120 (9 + 40 + 21 = 120).

Traders have this market trading at 78-85. Ton-Ups works in exactly the same way except it’s a prediction on the aggregate total of players' runs over 100.

Zero Tolerance is priced at 22-25 and awards points every time a player is out for a golden duck (25pts) or a duck (10pts).

Full English is an England performance special awarding points as follows: 50pts if England win toss; 50pts if England score highest first 15-overs total; 50pts if England hit most sixes; 50pts if England win and a 50pts bonus if England win all four components (max make-up 250).

It’s quoted at 74-79 so buyers would need at least two of those scenarios to happen to make a profit, sellers would need one or less to occur.

Losses can exceed your initial deposit. Prices subject to fluctuation.