PM tells firms: Labour sees you as their enemy

Tim Wallace
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DAVID Cameron launched a strongly-worded attack on Labour yesterday, telling businesses that “in their vision, you are the enemy.”

Ed Miliband is trying to dispel Labour’s image as an anti-business party, and the Prime Minister weighed in with a series of attacks on the opposition leader.

He argued Labour would hike corporation tax, which the PM estimated would cost 96,000 jobs.

Cameron even went as far as to praise Tony Blair, arguing that the pro-business consensus of the early years of this century are now over.

“I warn you not to grow your business – because they’ll come after you,” Cameron told the British Chambers of Commerce conference in Westminster, echoing a 1983 Neil Kinnock speech.

“I warn you not to take people on – because they’ll slap taxes on you.”

“I warn you not to create wealth – because they’ll demonise you.”

But Cameron was followed on stage by shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna, who sought to calm any fears about a Labour victory.

In a speech similar to much of the Prime Minister’s, Umunna promised to improve skills, increase exports and devolve more public spending to Britain’s regions.

“A Labour government will back your success, with practical policies that will make a difference, and with the urgency and vigour you deserve,” he promised.