Campaign group secures a third of funding for nationwide "I Am An Immigrant" campaign ahead of General Election

Catherine Neilan
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Movement Against Xenophobia hopes to raise enough for a nationwide poster campaign (Source: Max)
In the run up to the General Election there will be plenty of mudslinging and it's quite likely some of it will be directed towards the main parties' policies on immigration.
It's for that reason, among others, that a campaign group is planning a nationwide poster campaign to celebrate the contribution immigrants make to British society.
The group, Movement Against Xenophobia, is seeking £66,000 through Crowdfunder to support its “I Am An Immigrant” campaign, with the aim of having posters across all Tube and rail networks in the weeks before May 7. The campaign will also have an interactive social media element.
As well as funding, the group is also seeking 15 individuals to feature as the poster boys and girls, demonstrating “the social, economic and cultural prosperity [immigrants] bring to the nation”. The group wants volunteers from a range of occupations and backgrounds. They will be pictured by Vogue photographer Philip Volkers.
Max is concerned that “negative rhetoric” has in the past led to increasingly anti-immigrant legislation being passed, such as the Immigration Act 2014, which it believes could lead to a rise in racism and discrimination.
“We are concerned at the impact this has on social cohesion and the existence of a just, tolerant and fair nation,” the group's Crowdfunder page says. “Through the poster campaign, we will be able to highlight the importance of immigrants in a way that captures their contributions to society as a whole, economically and culturally.
“If all migrants stopped working our country would grind to a halt. Our goal is to create a campaign that will negate the anti-immigrant climate currently developing, celebrate the vital contribution of immigrants and induce an open and inclusive conversation about immigration policy built on human rights and equality.”
All staff including the Vogue photographer and graphic designer are working without profit, but raising the full amount will allow Max to meet their costs.
So far the group has raised nearly £20,000. Below is a video explaining the plans.

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