UK holidaymakers could be fined for speeding overseas as EU looks set to get access to drivers' records

Billy Ehrenberg
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The UK has far from the fastest roads in Europe (Source: Getty)

There was a time when you could cross the French Riviera in a rented convertible and accidentally break the speed limit without the fear of a fine landing on your doormat.

Not any more, though: tomorrow, the EU is expected to endorse measures allowing member states to access the records of drivers in the UK suspected of playing fast and loose with European speed limits. Up until now, British motorists have escaped fines when caught by a speed camera abroad.

The UK, along with Ireland and Denmark, was in a legal loophole which allowed it to opt out of EU traffic information exchange rules.

If you're not sure of the limits, here's a handy map of the maximum speed limits across Europe.

As well as opening up drivers’ records, there are plans to harmonise penalty points in 2016, which could result in offences committed on holiday coming back to the UK to haunt drivers.

The move is not popular with motoring groups, which say British motorist will be laid open to the Procrustean rules of individual EU countries. Proponents argue it will lead to safer roads across the continent, and better legal consistency.

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