Solicitor general denies movie investment is for tax avoidance

Charlotte Henry
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Facing Questions: Robert Buckland
SOLICITOR general Robert Buckland QC MP is facing questions after it emerged he is a partner in a film investment scheme currently being investigated by HMRC.

The Conservative MP for South Swindon denies that he invested in order to receive the tax breaks available to some film investors.

Buckland, who has been a partner in Invicta Film Partnership No 25 since 2005, said: “I have not attempted to avoid tax, and my investments are a matter of public record. Before making them I asked an independent, accredited financial adviser to look into the companies, who found them to be completely beyond reproach. HMRC look into many different types of investments, but I have been assured that there is no active investigation into my tax affairs. I pay my taxes as required each year, and I have been fully open with government officials and declared my interests in line with usual reporting processes.”