Gimme 5: Apps every entrepreneur needs



Founded in 2005 and acquired by Adobe in 2011, the app lets you e-sign documents and forms, send them to others for sign off, track responses in real time, and get e-signatures instantly with handy in-person signing.


Ever find something interesting online but lose track of it later? With Pocket, all of your data goes to one place, so you can view the articles, videos, recipes and webpages you find online anytime, on any device.


Tired of typing out emails? With just a few taps, Skej enables you to schedule your next meeting. Helpfully, it also adapts to your scheduling preferences – so it will avoid crack-of-dawn meetings if you’re not a morning person.


Evenote is the ultimate time-management app, allowing users to access URLs, notes for a presentation or ideas at any time from any location. It also allows sharing, so users can collaborate on projects with their colleagues.


The Ultimate Transport App has made large cities across the globe simple and easy to navigate. It gives users A to B transport planning, real-time information, and disruption alerts – shaving precious minutes off your journey times.

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