Ukip’s Douglas Carswell tweets out Hello Kitty World game, starts trend

Politicians have a difficult relationship with Twitter, with a gaffe never far away. Yesterday Ukip’s Douglas Carswell caught everyone by surprise when he asked his 28,000 Twitter followers to join him playing Hello Kitty World, in a tweet, complete with a picture of the game.

Carswell has written a book on how politicians can improve their use of social media, and certainly got a reaction – though his former colleagues in the Conservative party declined to take him up on the offer.

He clarified that his five-year-old had been left in charge of the iPad, and that he was not playing – but after an MP was snapped enjoying the game Candy Crush in a committee meeting, you can’t blame people for wondering.
Carswell did assure his followers that Hello Kitty World “is a great game”.
Being the helpful type, The Capitalist checked– and Hello Kitty is a schoolgirl who was born in England, so at least she wouldn’t cause Ukip any immigration worries.

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