Three parent babies: IVF type treatment which adds third persons DNA to embryos gets “yes” vote from MPs

Lynsey Barber
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Three parent babies have recieved an overwhelming "yes" from MPs

The UK is on its way to becoming the first country in the world to allow three sets of DNA to be used to create babies.

Politicians today voted in favour of allowing genes from a third woman to be added to a baby's through a form of IVF treatment to prevent genetic diseases being passed on to children.

The revolutionary technique was called a “light at the end of a dark tunnel” my ministers who voted overwhelmingly in favour by a count of 382 in favour and 128 against.

Mitochondrial donation as the technique is known, will go on to face a vote in the House of Lords before it’s allowed to be used by couples at fertility clinics around the country.

If the legislation is passed it means a baby born with three parents could be born as soon as next year.

Developed in Newcastle, the technique replaces a small amount of DNA in a mother’s egg with DNA from a second woman, resulting in the baby having two mothers and one father.

The scientific process has faced opposition from religious leaders and some scientists.

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