No time for ties as finance chief tours London

Chris Papadopoullos
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GREEK finance minister Yanis Varoufakis looked liked a rock star as he trundled into Downing Street to meet George Osborne.

Most male politicians that tread a similar path to the home of British political power wear the uniform of suit and tie. But Yanis came instead tieless and wearing a wax jacket. “We are both allergic to ties,” said longtime friend Steve Keen – an economics professor at London’s Kingston University.

Yanis’s day in London took in Channel Four news as well as the BBC before the man who calls himself a heterodox economist travelled to the City to meet 100 or so bankers and economists.

These included Michael Hintze, chief executive of hedge fund CQS and also a Tory party donor. Asked afterwards if the minister had proposed a debt swap, he said “it’s more balanced and broader than that,” without elaborating.

Another attendee was former Barclays Capital chief economist Julian Callow, now at Catalyst Economics. Afterwards, Varoufakis’ tieless attire reportedly prevented his entry to a private members club. Today his exhausting tour takes in Rome, where he is set to continue his charm offensive on Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.