Business group urges red tape renegotiation

Tim Wallace
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BRITAIN should get the EU to cut red tape and stop bashing the City, campaign group Business for Britain said today, as it set out 10 key points it wants to see in the membership renegotiation plans.

If the Conservatives win the general election, David Cameron said he will renegotiate Britain’s relationship with the European Union, before an in/out referendum in 2017.

Business for Britain wants: less red tape; employment and social lawmaking returned to Britain; an end to attacks on the finance sector; more international trade deals; a lower EU budget; a more transparent union; less “Eurozone meddling”; and an end to “ever closer union.”

The group said these are the “reforms that a future Prime Minister must secure in order to keep Britain in the EU.”

But its final demand is going to be tougher to satisfy.

Business for Britain also wants EU member states to take back control of immigration policy.

Free movement of people around the EU is a founding principle of the union, and will be significantly harder to renegotiate.

Late last year German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would prefer the UK to leave the EU than to touch the principle of free movement.