Are City workers using vitamin drips to cure hangovers?

Billy Ehrenberg
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Vitamin drips cost around £200 a pop (Source: Getty)
City traders will go to great lengths to recover from evening revelry, according to a doctor from Surrey.
According to ITV, Dr. Natalie Blakely of Weybridge’s Light touch Clinic said that she often visits brokers in their homes and hotel rooms to hook them up to vitamin drips- at £200 a pop. The drips aim to alleviate the crushing effects of a brutal hangover. Inserted into the arm, the drips take about 30 minutes to diffuse the anti-alcohol-goodness into the blood stream.
The cause of the hangovers is often the pressure many in the city are under to entertain clients until late in the evening. Blakely said:
There are a lot of people around here who can't afford to have a day off because of a hangover, so I have been out to a lot of people's homes and hotel rooms to put up drips for them.
There's an expectation and pressure where these people have to go out to party. Brokers in the City that make their money at night entertaining clients - it's these guys who ask for it the most.
It is a popular thing for hangovers, because a hangover is essentially dehydration. So it can not only help treat that it will also give you the vitamin boost to feel a lot better and get rid of the toxins in the body.
Vitamin drips are also used by athletes and people recovering from illness.

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