Taylor Swift trademark quiz: How well do you know your celebrity IP?

Emma Haslett
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Taylor Swift has trademarked phrases including "This Sick Beat" (Source: Getty)

Taylor Swift is getting down to business again: having hit the business pages last year by spurning Spotify, this week the pop star showed her savvy again by trademarking a range of phrases and images from her latest album.

The filings mean that from now on, no-one else can make T-shirts, tote bags, lanyards or even walking sticks bearing the legend "This Sick Beat". Similarly, she's trademarked phrases such as "Cause We Never Go Out of Style" and "Could Show You Incredible Things". She also has trademarks on her initials (no one tell TS Elliot), as well as her signature.

But how well do you know your celebrity trademarks? And is Swift the most protective popstress of them all? Test your knowledge with our quiz.

Swift incorporates the title of her latest album into one of the trademarks. What does she want to party like?

Well-mannered Swift has also trademarked a greeting. What is it?

Swift isn't the only pop star to jump on the TM bandwagon. Which phrase has Justin Bieber not trademarked?

Michael Jackson was the original celebrity trademarker. What was the name of the soft drink he registered?

Businesses are just as well known for ludicrous trademarking attempts. What trademarking plans did Tesco quietly drop back in September?

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