Fan’s view: Lampard ready to run gauntlet on Blues return

Midfielder Frank Lampard is Chelsea’s all-time record goalscorer with 211 strikes
Assuming he’s playing, what I’d like to see is Lampard applauded before the game, ignored during it and maybe applauded afterwards. That seems appropriate.

He’s playing against Chelsea, cheering him during the game would be absurd in my view. I can’t see that he’s going to get many boos or jeers. As I say, I’d have thought during the game he’ll largely get ignored.

Last summer he said he would never sign for another Premier League club but once he left Chelsea he could do what he liked; he’s not under contract or any obligation to do anything. But saying one thing and doing another is like wanting to have your cake and eat it. I can’t personally obsess on that but it’s clear a lot of people are quite angry, but I still don’t think he’s going to get booed.

It’s a subjective argument whether he’s Chelsea’s best ever player – I don’t think he is, but there are people who do. The reality is he’ll probably be on the bench, he’ll probably come on – let’s just hope he doesn’t score.

Something the pro-Lampard faction have said in the past is that he should have a job for life. I’m not a great fan of that. You promise these things and then it’s very hard to deliver them.

Lampard may move into management, he may move into the media, but this to me just cements the fact that the vast majority of players are professionals who earn good money and if they get a better offer somewhere else they’ll take it.

That’s what everyone else does, so I don’t see why footballers would be any different. All this badge-kissing, espousing eternal loyalty, it never washes with me, but maybe I’m too old and cynical.

Tim Rolls is chairman of the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust but was speaking to City A.M. solely in his capacity as a fan.