Maximum excitement on the super bowl with sporting index

THE SUPER Bowl is America’s biggest sporting event and Sporting Index have all angles covered as Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots take to the field on early Monday morning.

The spread betting firm’s specials markets have everything from the time of the first completed pass to the time of first touchdown scored, to the first successful field goal and the time of the first sack.

The first completed pass is pitched at 75-85 seconds. Sellers at 75 would need the first pass to be registered before 75 seconds to make a profit. If it occurred after 28 seconds then sellers would make a profit of 47 times their stake (75-28 = 47).

Similarly, if the first pass didn’t happen until the 99th second then sellers would lose 24 times their stake (99-75 = 24). Buyers at 85 would need the first pass to happen in the 86th second or later to turn a profit.

The Patriots are marginal favourites to score a touchdown first, with the spread at 18-19.5 minutes. The Seahawks’ spread is 18.5-20.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are playing in a record 6th Super Bowl together. Brady is two touchdowns from tying Joe Montana’s record for the most in Super Bowl history – his first touchdown pass is trading at 24-26 minutes.

Losses can exceed your initial deposit. Prices subject to fluctuation.