Tesco store closures: 74pc of axed branches have an Aldi or Lidl nearby

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Tesco will close 43 stores (Source: Getty)

Discount supermarkets could be partly responsible for Tesco's plans to close 43 unprofitable stores in the UK - with the vast majority of struggling stores located near a low-price alternative.

In a bid to change the fortunes of the struggling supermarket, Tesco's new chief executive Dave Lewis announced the store closures yesterday, saying the decision was "exceptionally difficult" to take.

Of the stores due to be shut by Tesco, 74 per cent are within two miles of either an Aldi or Lidl.

Some 24 stores - more than half of the closures - had two or more discounter supermarkets within two miles, increasing competition in the area.

Liverpool Kensington Tesco Express, due to close due to its lack of profits, is flooded with competition - with three Aldis and two Lidls within two miles of the store.

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In the cull of unprofitable stores, Tesco will axe 18 Expresses, 12 Metros and six superstores - but where are they, and what areas will be impacted?

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North west England is the region which bears the brunt of the closures. Among its seven unprofitable stores to close are the Liverpool Kensington Express and the Chester Homeplus shops.This is followed by Yorkshire and the Humber, which will lose five stores.

The East Midlands is the region with the fewest closures. It will only see the Worksop's Raymouth Lane Express close, in Nottinghamshire.

South east England and the east of England are the regions with the most stores per person. These will see four and three closures, respectively.

The West Midlands is the worst county to be affected, losing three Express and one Metro stores around England's second city, Birmingham.

South Yorkshire and Lancashire are each home to three closures as Yorkshire loses its Doncaster Superstore.

In Northern Ireland, Belfast is home to two of the six superstore closures planned by Tesco. Other superstores will be closed in Northumberland, Medway, Fife and Clwyd.

Greater London will lose four Tesco Express stores in the cull of unprofitable stores - in South Tottenham, Wealdstone, Barking and Belvedere.

Along with the planned closure of 43 stores, Tesco is also shelving plans for the development of a further 49 stores. Its move has left councils and local authorities reeling as they digest the potential job losses and reduction in investment.

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