Dippy the diplodocus: Blue whale replacing Natural History Museum's dinosaur isn't going down well

Lynsey Barber
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Dippy the diplodocus enters retirement (Source: Natural History Museum)

It’s the end of a dinosaur era.

London’s Natural History Museum, remembered fondly in thousands of people's childhoods for the towering diplodocus skeleton which greeted them on visits, is retiring the dinosaur after 35 years.

And 150m year-old Dippy's ouster? A much younger 124-year-old blue whale, who's getting promoted to front of house from the mammal gallery,

People are not happy with this move, which the museum said was made to give visitors something new and exciting. Dippy is also just a cast of a fossilised dinosaur, while the as-yet unnamed blue whale is a real specimen.

Why have a replica when you can have the real deal?

Well, he may be fake, but Dippy holds a special place in our hearts.



Anyone wanting to relive that childhood nostalgia has plenty of time. The logistical nightmare of switching the exhibits means the 25 metre-long whale won't be hanging above the entrance until 2017.

What next for the retired dinosaur? No sitting around watching daytime TV for Dippy. He could be going on tour around the country to regional museums.

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