De ja pleut: Thameslink services disrupted because of another #Farringdontrains flood

Catherine Neilan
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Farringdon flood: Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before (Source: Thameslink)
As Morrisey once warbled, stop me if you think that you've heard this one before.
Thameslink is warning of severe disruption to services because of a flood. No, no, a different one.
And heaven knows commuters are miserable now.
The leak that caused chaos on Monday, has been plugged.
But there was another leak, which first caused problems on Friday, and is thought to have resurfaced with engineers reporting more water entering the train tunnel late yesterday.
Thames Water has been working “around the clock” to manage the water levels with pumping equipment, and specialist teams are carrying out full assessments of the pipe and checking roads nearby for any other additional leaks.
The good new is that trains are currently running between St Pancras and St Albans – for the time being at least - but there are delays of up to 40 minutes because of signalling problems.
Update: Although Thameslink originally said this would be resolved by 4pm, it is now saying the disruption will last "until at least end of service".
Thames Water has been very contrite.
But of course commuters are fuming. These are just the ones we could publish:
Chris Featherstone, head of operational control at Thames Water said: “We’re very sorry for the delays commuters have experienced since Friday.
“We know this is a critical job and we’ve got our best teams working as fast as possible to discover where this water is coming from. We’re investigating every possibility, including checking all our sewers and water pipes in the area, and we will leave no stone unturned to find out what is happening in that tunnel.”
Repair work on the original leak is taking place in the bus lane of Farringdon Road at the junction of Vine Street Bridge. Engineers are also testing water pipes in the area as part of investigations to find out where the second problem has come from. As a result of this, some customers in the area may experience disruptions to their water supply.
Mr Featherstone added: “We’d also like to extend our apologies to any customers affected by road works or fluctuations in water supply while we test the pipes. We’re doing everything we can to sort out this problem.”

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