In pictures: Stunning images show the hidden world of workers at the front line of Britain's night-time economy

Emma Haslett
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When Dolly Parton sang about the drudgery of Nine to Five, she probably hadn't taken into consideration that things could be much worse.

While most of us spend our days slaving away at our desks, an estimated seven million people clock on at 6pm and work through the night.

What does this "hidden" economy look like?

Sony has sent photographer David Hedges, who won Young Photographer of the Year at The Picture Editors' Guild Awards in 2013, out to chronicle everyday life (or every night life) for the UK's army of nocturnal workers (on a Sony A7S camera, natch).

Stephen Cunningham checks copies of the Daily Mail as they come off the press in Didcot, Oxfordshire.

Farmer Gordon Robinson (and his Jack Russel) works into the night at his farm in Worcestershire.

David Packer and Christian Lax lock up for the night at Hampton Court Palace.

A taxi driver settles in for his night shift at Piccadilly Circus in London.

Metropolitan Police officers on patrol during the wee hours at Piccadilly Circus.

A street cleaner takes a break from the night shift at Piccadilly Circus.

Paul Wheeler prepares his fruit and veg stall for early customers at Borough Market.

Dan Hacker, a worker for First Great Western, does the night shift at the St Phillips Marsh depot in Bristol.

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