Snow and sleet expected in London tonight as temperatures hit zero - but the rest of the country has it much worse

Catherine Neilan
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London will definitely not look like this (Source: Getty)
Get cosy tonight: snow and sleet is forecast to reach London in the small hours as temperatures drop to zero.
The capital will miss out on much of the bad weather that has prompted the Met Office to issue a weather warning for Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England, where blizzards and up to 15cm of snow is expected.
But London is expected to see its first snow and sleet of the year “particularly later in the night”, the forecaster said.
It also warned that untreated surfaces would become icy as temperatures drop to freezing point.
The Met Office added:
“An active cold front is expected to push southeast across the UK during Wednesday, introducing an increasingly cold and unstable air mass. Showers will become frequent and heavy, falling primarily as snow and driven well inland by strong to gale force northwesterly winds.
“Commuters and other travellers seem likely to face a variety of winter hazards, especially later on Wednesday and early on Thursday, although it's likely that snowfall in some areas may be more patchy, particularly towards the east.”

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