How double chins could soon be banished - with just the jab of a needle

Sarah Spickernell
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The injection will target fat destruction around the chin (Source: Getty)
We could soon wave goodbye to wobbly chins and welcome in slim, defined jawlines with just the jab of a needle.
A new treatment, currently in the testing phase, involves injecting a dose of the chemical ATX-01 into a person's skin around the jaw.
The chemical is a version of the molecule deoxycholic acid, which is produced naturally by the body to destroy fat. It works by disrupting the membranes of fat cells, irreversibly destroying them in the process.
The drug is being developed by the firm Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, and so far tests have been carried out on 1,600 people across Europe and the United States. Some 90 per cent of the volunteers have reported a significant reduction in chin fat over the past two years.
The jab is reportedly safe as well as effective, with no reported negative impacts on the surrounding tissue. Until now, removal of fat around the jawline has required complex and dangerous surgical procedures.
Whether it is introduced in the US will depend on the outcome of a ruling by the US Food and Drug Administration, which is due to take place by May. If the result is positive, this could pave the way for European regulators to follow suit and approve the injections over here.
If it is approved, the treatment will join the likes of botox and dermal fillers as injectable treatments to improve physical appearance.

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