General Election 2015: The best #UkipFilmTitles on Twitter

Catherine Neilan
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Nigel Farage: Will he have the last laugh (Source: Getty)
Ukip may be trying to laugh off the defection of MEP Amjad Bashir to the Tories, as the Yorkshire and Humber representative dubbed the anti-immigration party “pointless” this weekend.
But will Nigel Farage et al find today's #UkipFilmTitles hashtag amusing?
And most importantly, with 100 days to go until the General Election, will he have the last laugh?
Twitter users certainly found a wide range of topics to joke about, ranging from immigration:
And specifically the EU:
Views which some people do not like:
They also took aim at Ukip's position on the political spectrum:
And Farage's penchant for pints:
Or his dress sense:
While others remembered that song:

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