Prime Minister David Cameron makes the ethical case for lower taxes

Charlotte Henry
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David Cameron: “The British people deserve a reward” (Source: Getty)
Prime Minister David Cameron will today look to distance his party from Labour and the Liberal Democrats setting out an ideological case for tax cuts.

Cameron will say he believes in lower taxes “because I trust people more than I do politicians”. He will add: “I think people know how to spend their money better than those in Westminster do.” He also believes that “after years of sacrifice, the British people deserve a reward.”

The announcement is the centrepiece of the Tories’ third election theme – “a Britain that rewards work.” Meanwhile he will blast the Lib Dems and Labour as “the enemies of aspiration.”

Labour hit back last night, accusing Cameron of “desperately making £7bn of unfunded tax promises”. Ed Miliband’s party is proposing higher spending in the next parliament than the Tories.

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