Sonos' awesome new optical illusion branding pulses as you scroll

Emma Haslett
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Upmarket soundsystem manufacturer Sonos may have just blown our minds with mesmerising new optical illusion branding:

As you scroll up and down, the logo appears to pulsate, making it looks like it has soundwaves coming out of either side of it.

Designer Bruce Mau Design said that, having helped the company launch its original brand back in 2011, last year the company "assessed our initial visual identity and determined that we needed to push harder to signal Sonos' leadership, relevance and dedication to music experience".

Thus, the new branding has a "rich diversity of expressions".

He added that the new branding has been rolled out via the new Sonos app and startup screen, and can be seen in ads from a New York subway to a Paris exhibition.

Founded in 2002, Sonos has become one of the world's most popular home entertainment brands.

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