Wells Fargo analyst James Spicer will survive oil price drop with help from Gloria Gaynor

James Spicer's Gloria Gaynor-inspired lyrics
With oil still under $50 a barrel, it may be hard to garner much sympathy for the oligarchs and barons who’ve been hit, but what about the real people affected?
Despite lost profits, bonuses and even jobs, some are saying they aren’t victims, but survivors. Well, James Spicer is anyway. Just prior to Christmas he wrote an ode to sticking it out in the world of high yield exploration and production oil company bonds.
Although 2015 hasn’t brought much good fortune to the Wells Fargo analyst, we’re glad he’s doing it with a smile. Sung to the tune of Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 female empowerment hit “I Will Survive” it paints a picture of a sad few months on the trading floor for Spicer.
He writes: “Oh no not I. I will survive. As long as I cut capex, I know I’ll stay alive. I’m well hedged for next year and I’m shifting to low gear and I’ll survive. I will survive.!”
His future’s in the recording studio, not oil....