Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy will fight for Westminster seat

Guy Bentley
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Murphy confirmed today he plans return to Westminster (Source: Getty)

Jim Murphy, Labour's leader in Scotland, will seek re-election to the Westminster parliament, he confirmed today.

Murphy said he will seek to retain his East Renfrewshire seat, rather than run for a place in the Scottish parliament. However, he will be Labour's candidate for first minister in 2016.

Murphy will not look to replicate Alex Salmond's path of serving as both and MSP and MP. Previously, he has said that decision was "not something I'm attracted to".

Labour is facing a tough time in Scotland, with the latest poll putting the party 28 points behind the the SNP. On a uniform national swing, this would leave Labour with a paltry four seats in Scotland compared to its current 41. If the Lib Dems lose several seats too, the SNP could scoop 55 seats to become the third largest party in Westminster.

Murphy succeeded Johann Lamont and was charged with reviving Labour's fortunes north of the border. Since the failure of the Scottish independence referendum, far from suffering declining support, the SNP has surged to become Britain's third-largest party.

Murphy was elected to Westminster in 1997 and went on to serve in several ministerial posts, including secretary of state for Scotland.

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