Sweet dreams are made of this: The lying-down desk has landed

Emma Haslett
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It's a snip at $119 dollars (Source: Japan Trend Shop)

For those of us who've been forced to spend hours listening to fitness-obsessed colleagues extol the virtues of the standing-up desk, here comes the ultimate antidote: the lying-down desk.

That's right - while the former caught the public imagination in 2014, this year the working environment is set to be angled towards the less actively-inclined, after US online retailer Japan Trend Shop released the Super Gorone Desk, a piece of equipment that makes working from home even cosier...

Never again be forced to deal with the harrying commute from bed to study: the "desk", which is attached to a pair of angled legs, features a band to hold your laptop in place, allowing you to use it upside-down in bed, on the sofa or even when you're sitting on the floor.

As if that's not enough, it features a USB-powered fan - so even if you're toasty-warm under the duvet, your laptop will be cool as a cucumber.

Not only does the website ship to the UK, but the desk is a snip at $119 (£78). It turns out you can put a price on comfort...

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