China’s making a naughty list of badly behaved tourists

Lynsey Barber
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Unruly toursits will be put on a naughty list (Source: Getty)

China has had enough of its citizens heading abroad, being badly behaved and giving the country a bad name.

To curb the bad behaviour, Chinese authorities have decided to draw up what can only be described as a tourist naughty list, a national database of travellers who make a habit of causing offence when they visit another country.

The government hopes the list will discourage the bad behaviour as it will be shared with travel companies, hotels and airlines and could make it difficult for them to travel, according to a state media report. The list will also rank the worst travellers, a list no one will want to top.

Apparently Chinese tourists, who are now the world’s top spending travellers and love visiting the UK, have gained a bad reputation after a number of incidents. One recent incident saw a group of passengers scald a flight attendant with hot water and threaten to blow up the flight from Thailand to Bangkok.

It’s not the first time the country has tried to fix it’s bad reputation and encourage tourists to behave abroad. In 2013 Chinese travellers were issued with a “civilised tourism” guidebook with instructions on etiquette.

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