Young, northern and burger-mad: This is the quintessential British lad

Guy Bentley
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Love it or hate it, "lad culture" is still very much a part of modern Britain's subculture. Arising in the 1990s, lads have been criticised as loutish and sexist.

But according to the, er, lads over at The Lad Bible, the UK's 12th most-visited website, change is in the air for the subculture.

Thanks to research by YouGov, we may now have found the definitive characteristics that make-up the today's lad. Looking at the 3,300 members who described themselves as "laddish", YouGov Profiles was able to sort out what factors went into making up the "quintessential lad".

The typical lad is young and northern. An avid sports fan, lads' pets of choice are dogs by leaps and bounds. Their food tastes are nothing short of the stereotypical carnivore, with burgers, bacon sandwiches and fried chicken being the typical favourites.

Some types of humour are strongly associated with the ordinary lad. Often described as crass or offensive, their jokes are regularly passed off as "banter". According to YouGov, the quintessential lad describes himself as "funny" and "barmy".

When asked to identify some of his more negative traits, "quick-tempered", "headstrong" and "confrontational" all scored highly. Favourite movies and TV shows included The Inbetweeners. while Gordon Ramsay and Jeremy Clarkson won out as their favourite celebs.

Sports retailers and beer manufacturers like Fosters were lads' companies of choice, while Asda topped the list for supermarket of choice. YouGov's quintessential lad typically drives a Vauxhall.

True to character, the British lad's regular read is The Sun, with,football magazine FourFourTwo and Nuts magazine also in the mix.

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