Google Glass: Four cool things the explorer programme did (other than create the Glasshole)

Lynsey Barber
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Google Glass' "explorers" did more than just invent the Glasshole.

Early adopters testing out Google’s smart glasses may have been given that less-than-kind label, but many of those involved in the programme were actually working on some pretty cool things.

Will these beta ideas ever become mainstream? According to reports, Glass in its current form is at an end, but “future versions of Glass" are on their way. We’ll just have to wait and see.

1. “Welcome to your flight”

Richard Branson’s airline gave Glass to its stewards and cabin crew to welcome travellers, telling them details of their flight, scanning passports and then printing out boarding passes.

Edinburgh Airport also became the first airport in the UK to trial Glass, with staff using it to help passengers, while the translation function became a useful hands-free tool for understanding international visitors.

2. Make chicken the KFC way

KFC tested out Glass on new employees who wore it while learning how to make the Colonel's recipe for fried chicken. KFC owner Yum Brands said the device helped trainees pick up the technique quicker, adding that it could claw back almost two per cent in labour costs because of the amount of time it saved.

3. Learn how to escape the zombie apocalypse

What would Walking Dead be like in real life? Comic-Con visitors were able to experience for themselves how to out-run the dead-returned-to-life - one intrepid explorer made us feel we were right there with him by filming the whole thing through Glass.

4. Be a tennis champion

Roger Federer let us step into his shoes for a moment and pretend we were a tennis champion. Imagine trying to keep up with those serves.

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