Pink Sands in The Bahamas: Plots go on sale at this elite resort

Pink Sands, Harbour Island, from £2.53M

There are few places one can retreat to at this time of year that offers both solitude and sunshine. The Bahamas certainly has the heat, but its islands tend to spill over with winter sunseekers, confined to large resort hotels.

But what if you had your own pocket of paradise on a private island? While we don’t all have the capital to buy one of our own – à la Richard Branson’s Necker Island – a new property offering on Harbour Island may be the next best thing.

CGI image of oceanfront Pink Sands residences

The 3.5-mile long island has been home to Pink Sands, an elite resort named after the stretch of beach it sits on on the eastern edge of The Bahamas, since the 1950s. Unlike most beaches in the world, it’s pure carbonate and its rosy colour comes from the discarded shells of sea organisms that are ground into the sand by the ebb and flow its crystal clear waters.
The resort has been through a few ups and downs, notably its destruction by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The regeneration of the site began when it was bought by music mogul Chris Blackwell. Now ownership group PS Ltd aims to restore the hotel to its former glory, and introduce luxury holiday residences. Three oceanfront lots and seven garden lots will be available to buy this year to coincide with the refurbishment of the Pink Sands resort.

Imagine living in The Bahamas

Buyers will be joining a tight-knit network of elite residents and holiday-makers, dining at The Blue Bar – run by restaurateur Dean Max – or drinking at Sip Sip, which serves a diverse range of rums, an essential part of your Bahamian paradise.
Price includes villa and plot. Call Savills on 020 7016 3740 for more information.

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