Maximum excitement with sporting index

THE USP of sports spread betting is that it is simply the most exciting way to bet, which is why Sporting Index has just launched its Maximum Excitement campaign.

Sports spread betting delivers a much stronger sense of value, satisfaction and emotional connection to the event. Yes, there are risks and yes, the rewards are great, but excitement is always at the heart of every spread bet.

Think back to the Man City v Arsenal game at the Etihad just over a year ago. City were leading 2-1 at the break and not many would have been surprised if that ended up being the final scoreline.

However, an early second half goal by Fernandinho opened the floodgates and with three goals in the final two minutes, total goal minutes ended up an extraordinary 531. They are currently pitched at 161-171 for Sunday’s game.

Now, lightning very rarely strikes twice, and City aren’t quite in as free-scoring mode as they were a year ago, but you can be guaranteed that no matter whether you’re buying or selling at the Etihad, you’re going to be in for a rollercoaster ride.