Cereal Killer cafe to open up second branch in Camden

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Brothers Gary and Alan look to branch out

Camden is about to be hit with one of the stranger business offerings to come out of trendy Shoreditch.

The Cereal Killer cafe, which offers over 100 different types of cereal, with 13 varieties of milk and 20 toppings is looking to expand.

The cereal-only cafe, which is owned by brothers Gary and Alan Keery claims to have sold 20,000 bowls of cereal at a minimum of £2.50 a pop just six weeks after opening.

Speaking to Time Out London, Alan said:

We are currently looking for a property in Camden as we do want to expand and have also had interest for franchise opportunities from every corner of the globe, which is something else we are looking into at the minute. Also, we are meeting with publishers this week to release a cookbook in the next six months

Not everyone has been a fan of the hipster brothers' efforts to make cereal more than a rushed meal of bland maize-based flakes. Gary found himself in some hot water after being questioned about the cafe's prices.

A Channel 4 presenter asked Keery if he thought local people could afford to pay £3.20 for a bowl of cereal. He replied:

If they're poor, probably not then. Can we stop this interview? Because I don't like the questions that you're asking me.

The cafe came in for a barrage of criticism, and was branded as out of touch for selling high-price bowls of cereals so close to Tower Hamlets, one of London's poorest areas.

In the aftermath of the row, the brothers promised to donate more money to local charities. However, the identical twins' plans for expansion aren't just limited to London. Speaking to London 24, they confirmed several franchise offers in different countries.

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