Meggitt signs up to train US Marine Corps

Caitlin Morrison
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Meggitt will help train the US Marine Corps
ENGINEERING firm Meggitt has been awarded a $31.7m (£20.9m) contract to provide the US Marine Corps (USMC) with indoor simulated marksmanship training systems.

The five-year contract covers the design, development, installation and support for 670 systems in the US and abroad, and comes into force at the end of the year. The deal follows a $99m contract for small arms training that Meggitt signed with USMC in 2014.

Stephen Young, Meggitt’s chief executive, said: “Meggitt Training Systems’ association with the USMC began 26 years ago when it used its small arms training expertise to meet the requirements of the Corps’ Train As We Fight doctrine. I am delighted to see Meggitt continuing to succeed with low-risk, best-value training with its latest virtual simulation systems, Bluefire wireless weaponry and the flexible system architecture needed to meet evolving training conditions.”

Shares in Meggitt rose by just 0.48 per cent, below the overall FTSE 100’s increase.