North Sea workers look abroad for jobs as oil market worsens

Caitlin Morrison
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FALLING oil prices have pushed professionals working in the North Sea to look elsewhere for jobs.

More than four in 10 (42 per cent of) oil and gas professionals working in Scotland and the North Sea region are already looking at international assignments, a survey from specialist information and recruitment firm Rigzone reveals.

Meanwhile 68 per cent said they were concerned about the impact of oil prices on deep sea offshore projects over the next five years and 36 per cent said that debates around the issue in the run up to the Scottish independence referendum had impacted negatively on career prospects in oil and gas. Just nine per cent held the opposite view.

Bob Melk, president of Rigzone, said: “For oil and gas companies to continue attracting top talent to the region, they will need to continue offering generous compensation packages and incentives. It would also appear that there is work to be done by the political parties in Holyrood and Westminster to reassure the industry about their long-term commitment to North Sea exploration.”

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