Hands-free robotic hands making waves

Hamza Ali
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New waves in technology come and go, but here's one that will surely last the test of time: a smartphone dock equipped with a pair of robotic arms.
"Indi", the brainchild of MBA student Billy Wood, will wave its robotic arms to gain your attention when you have a call.
It can also be set to perform different types of waves for different callers - handy when you've been waiting for that all-important work call.
"It's an idea that's been running around in my head for a while from working in offices where you aren't expected to have your phone on, leading me to miss the odd call as the vibrate mode," said Wood.
"This is my solution to that problem. A phone dock with a set of arms to signal the user when a call comes in. Something more likely to catch your attention while not alerting the whole office to its presence." He claims.
To be fair, stranger things have been funded on Kickstarter, but whether potential backers can keep their hands off this one remains to be seen. The project's crowdfunding campaign has raised five percent of its £2,500 goal. Fancy it? There are only 26 days before it closes...