Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony gives 11-point Twitter rant against employees after 2-0 loss to Colchester

Peterborough owner Darragh MacAnthony in happier times (Source: Getty)

On his Twitter profile, Peterborough United FC chairman Darragh MacAnthony describes himself as “always positive in life”. This weekend, apparently, was the exception.

After his League One team lost 2-0 at home against Colchester, the Irishman vented his spleen with an 11-point criticism of his players, the referee and even the fans, whose numbers have fallen by “many thousands”. While a game in October drew more than 7,000 fans, Saturday’s attendance was 5,524.
“Like all fans and our manager, there are many things I have the hump with after today. Care to know them all?” he tweeted.
The list ran from lack of scoring ability, defence, goalkeeping and fitness, to poor refereeing and the fact that fans had “taken their ball and gone home!” It was a rant that no doubt shamed players. But it also left management experts incredulous – as it broke many of the basic rules of good leadership.
“The role of a leader is to be a public representative. Here he’s shifting blame on to his followers. That loses him trust, both from his players and from his fans,” said Professor Andre Spicer of Cass Business School.
Alan Leaman, chief executive of the Management Consultancy Association (MCA), added: “Social media is an important new factor for leaders of firms and football clubs. One piece of advice would be never to use it when emotions are at their height. You will probably end up regretting it in the morning.”
Communications and leadership expert Kevin Murray said: “They say ‘praise in public, criticise in private’. I would never advise this tactic.”
But gung-ho MacAnthony is unlikely to regret his tweets. “I live in the 21st Century, maybe others should do the same!” he tweeted.

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