General Election 2015: Labour's Ed Miliband refuses to rule out SNP deal

Miliband said he was “not about doing deals” (Source: Getty)
Labour leader Ed Miliband yesterday said he does not want a coalition deal with the Scottish National Party following the general election, but refused to rule it out.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, Miliband said he was “not about doing deals”, and he was determined to win a majority – but would not say a deal was out of the question.

In the same interview Miliband said the energy regulator Ofgem should be given new powers to force firms to cut gas and electricity bills to reflect falls in wholesale energy prices. He said he would demand fast-track legislation on energy in a Commons debate this week.

Miliband also accused David Cameron of “running scared” of live TV debates.

The Labour leader claimed the Prime Minister was acting in a “pretty disreputable” manner regarding the debates, after Cameron claimed he would not take part unless the Green Party was also represented.

Miliband said: “I think they should happen with David Cameron or without David Cameron ... I don’t think any one political leader should be able to stop these debates happening.”

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