No Trousers on the Tube Day 2015: Underwear goes Underground for No Pants Subway Ride Day

Gabriella Griffith
Two gents enjoy their No Pants moment – but the woman next to them seems unimpressed
If you ventured on to the Northern line yesterday you might have had an un-bare-able surprise, as many commuters boarded the trains without their trousers on. Yep, yesterday was No Trousers on the Tube Day.

The phenomenon, renamed from the international No Pants Subway Ride (changed in UK for obvious reasons) started as a flashmob-style event in New York in 2002 but has now spread to over 60 Cities around the world. Partici-pants met in China Town at 3pm yesterday before boarding the Northern Line and whipping off their kecks.

With the temperature at about 7 degrees yesterday, trouserless riders were a brave bunch indeed.

It’s a good job there was an after party in Soho’s London Cocktail Club so they could all warm up again – trousers well and truly back on, we hope.

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