The Exhibitionist is the boutique hotel in Kensington that doubles up as an art gallery

New boutique hotel opening adds a splash of colour to Kensington


A new Kensington hotel with a focus on art. The Exhibitionist sells itself as a boutique hotel, which is something London is still rather lacking. With rooms starting at £225, it’s affordable, making it a viable possibility for commuters planning a night at the theatre or an early morning at the nearby museums. The 37-room hotel is housed in a restored eighteenth century townhouse.

The hotel is housed in a restored eighteenth century townhouse


The bar features dozens of bottles of coloured vodka, which we discovered you’re not actually allowed to drink (how do you know it’s not water? You just have to take their word for it). It’s a pleasant, if rather quiet place to have a cocktail. The food is basic, but won’t set you back an arm and a leg.

Strangely, there’s no art in the rooms


“Bijou” would be the estate agent’s description of the regular twin and double rooms, although it gets points for the velvety headboard and comforter. The “Exhibitionist” moniker is very much applicable here: the showers have a window overlooking the bed. In some rooms, so does the toilet. Strangely, there’s no art in the rooms.

The art on display is constantly changing


The hotel has eight exhibition spaces where it will show works from up-and-coming artists. They will constantly update the art on display, so if you like the hotel enough for a return visit, there will always be something new to see. When we stayed, the lobby art included a Wall Street style bull and the lift is covered on all sides with astroturf.

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