Three suspects and four others believed dead after Charlie Hebdo shoot-out

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Kosher grocer siege suspects: Hostages evacuated by French police (Source: Getty)

Three of the Charlie Hebdo suspects and four others are believed to have died as police moved to end two stand-offs in Paris and Dammartin. "Several" hostages were reported to have been freed.

The two brothers responsible for the initial attack on the satirical magazine, named as Cherif and Said Kourachi, aged 32 and 34 respectively, have been killed, according to widespread reports.

The Kourachis had taken at least one hostage - who is now safe - and been holding out in factory in the small town of Dammartin-en-Goele since this morning. Reports suggest the two came out of the premises firing at officers.

Source: Police handout

Simultaneously “several” hostages have been freed from a Jewish supermarket in Paris following reports of explosions and gunfire.
However reports suggest that four of the hostages have been killed, as well as one of the attackers, named as Amedy Coulibaly, aged 32.
Coulibaly was also a suspect in yesterday's Paris shooting, in which female police officer Clarissa Jean-Phillipe was killed and a street sweeper seriously injured.
The whereabouts of fellow suspect Hayat Boumeddiene, aged 26, are not currently known, though it appears she may have escaped in the chaos of the situation.

Source: Police handout

This second crisis arose shortly after French police confirmed there was a “connection” between the shooting of 12 people at Charlie Hebdo's offices on Wednesday and the second shooting, which took place early yesterday morning. Jean-Philippe, 27, was killed when she attended a routine traffic accident in the suburb.
Initial investigations revealed a connection between the suspects of the two incidents, which until now had not been linked.
There were reports of another incident at the Trocadero, near the Eiffel Tower, but that was found to be a false alarm.

The Kosher grocery at the centre of the Paris hostage situation earlier today (Source: Getty)

Police gathered outside the kosher grocery in Paris earlier today (Source: Getty)

The scene near the kosher store in Paris earlier today (Source: Getty)

The scene this morning at the hostage situation in Dammartin-en-Goele (Source: Getty)

Below is a map showing the key locations since the first attack on Wednesday morning.

Police roadblock near Dammartin earlier today (Source: Getty)

French President Francois Hollande, in a press conference this morning, called for an international response to the situation and its wider repercussions. He said:
We must react on a European Union level. We have been in touch with Interior Ministers across the Union.

Our capacity is great, to come together, to live in security and to have confidence in our safety.

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