Charlie Hebdo: Trafalgar Square #JeSuisCharlie vigil organised after shootings kill 12

Catherine Neilan
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Je Suis Charlie: The spontaneous reaction to today's shooting, in which 12 people were killed
Vigils are being held in Paris and London tonight, and in other cities around the world, in support of the victims of the attack at French magazine Charlie Hebdo in which 12 people were killed.
Organisers requested people bring printed #JeSuisCharlie posters, following the spontaneous social media response to the attacks.
The invite continues: “Feel free to bring cold/hot drinks with you. We meet at 6pm and wait for people to join. Nothing formal planned.
“Just being together to support peace and freedom of press. The people of Trafalgar Sq. have been made aware of this and will be in touch with the police to let them know.”
The Parisian event was due to start at 6pm local time in Place de la Republique.
The Facebook page for this event said: “Against all forms of hatred , the defense of freedom of expression and peaceful tribute to the memory of the victims will be the only two unique demands of this rally.
“We are Charlie and we are united.”
Other vigils are being organised in the US and Canada.

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