The fictional town of Trumpton enjoys Ukip’s website failure

Gabriella Griffith
Ukip Trumpton’s tweet about the website failure

The lolz were mighty yesterday when it was revealed that Ukip’s website was down. At first, political satire site Guido Fawkes suggested Ukip hadn’t paid its bill – as Kippers were faced with a holding page from domain site 123-Reg when trying to access their party’s web page. Who was in charge of paying that?!

Naturally, Ukip soon refuted this – pointing to a problem with their DNS records. Further lolz emerged when it was deemed to be an error on the part of German company Host Europe. Oh, the irony.
To get further insight into the technical issues facing Ukip, The Capitalist went to the only place one could expect to find hard hitting political commentary – the fiction town of Trumpton and its legion of political Twitter accounts.
“We have decided not to renew our hosting because the interweb is a modern day fad and we don’t like it,” tweeted @Trumpton_Ukip. Indeed. “After an investigation into our website troubles today, it turns out the WWW has open borders and free movement of ideas – we don’t like it,” it continued.
Trumpton’s Labour candidate soon waded in, having found a place to buy, the party’s domain, for £168.62. “Whoever nabs this first wins the internet.”
Later on, an indie record label Alcopop Records claimed to have purchased the domain, but it was all too good to be true. “So it looks like Go Daddy has sold us the website, but given it back to Ukip… We’ll be back Farage! Sorry guys,” it tweeted later.
Quite the saga…

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