Love is in the air - but is it in your borough? We crunch the numbers to find where most people are single in the UK

Love is in the air - but is it in your borough? (Source: Getty)

You can't turn on the TV without being invited to think of 2015 as the year you finally meet The One.

Here at City A.M. we're a cynical bunch and we think playing the numbers game is probably the best way forward. So we've crunched the numbers and found out where the most single men and women are throughout the country, and how the male-to-female ratio breaks down.

Good news if you work in the City: you won't have to travel far as London boroughs take up the top 17 spots. That's mainly down to population density, of course.

Islington has the most single men and women per square mile out of every local area in the country. The good news is they are fairly broadly matched: there are just over 12,477 single males for square mile compared with just over 12,885 females.

Hackney and Tower Hamlets follow, with Kensington & Chelsea and Lambeth close behind. All five boroughs have around 10,000 singletons of either gender, which suggests central London is a good place to start.

If you don't fancy your luck in the capital, Manchester is the next best place to try, followed by Liverpool. Birmingham also scores relatively highly (if you'll excuse the pun).

If you are looking for love, you might want to give Devon a miss, though. It comes out with the lowest number of singletons per square mile – just 58 men and 61 women.

They are similarly thin on the ground in Dorset, where there are just 75 single men and 79 single women per square mile.

The maps below show the best places in the UK to find single people. Due to the larger number of women, the first map looks tilted in favour of single men looking for a partner. In the first map, we worked out the number of single people per square mile and then took one from the other to show where there are more singletons of either gender.

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