Brew Dog boss James Watt takes managers swimming with killer whales

Gabriella Griffith
James Watt (right) has taken his staff swimming with orca

When it comes to holding team meetings, flying to Norway to swim with orca – or killer whales – is pretty out there. But saying that, maverick beer company Brew Dog doesn’t usually stick to the norm at the best of times (do you remember them riding through Bank in a tank?)

Well today, chief executive James Watt and his band of plucky managers are due to swim with the creatures in Norway. “This is how you do a team meeting Brew Dog style,” boasted Watt on Twitter yesterday.
Beer-swigging Watt isn’t the first person to have this idea though. Do you remember Telecity’s outspoken ex-chief executive Michael Tobin? He famously took his team to do something rather similar.
“When I wanted to encourage my team to break old patterns of thinking, I treated them to an unprotected swim with sharks to learn how to confront fear,” he wrote in his book, published last year shortly before he, errr, resigned.
He also had his team kidnapped by an ex-KGB agent. If Tobin is indeed the inspiration for Watt’s trip, Brew Dog beware.

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