New Year resolutions: Products to help make 2015 fitter, healthier and more organized

Save money: Nest Learning Thermostat

Another festive season draws to a close, another year begins, and with it comes the mass promise-making that takes place every January. Across the globe people are resolving to cut out chocolate, carbs, social media, cigarettes and take up great novels, another language, or jogging.

Even those who profess to have made no resolutions harbour secret desires to make this year a little more organised, a little healthier or a little less nicotine dependent than the last. But the proportion of people who can honestly say they’ve managed to keep, or even remember, their resolutions by the time Christmas swings around again is depressingly small.
These gadgets, products and apps will aid you in your quest to do a little better in 2015 than you did in 2014. And if you fail? Well, at least you’ll have some nice toys to make yourself feel better.

Save money: Nest Learning Thermostat

Start 2015 in the black by investing in this futuristic thermostat, which efficiently controls the temperature in your home by using a motion sensor to work out when you’re home.

Healthy eating: Cuisinart Soup Maker

Juicing is so 2014. Get your five-a-day carb-free by making soup instead. This gadget cooks, blends and simmers ingredients, leaving you with a piping hot, guilt-free meal.

Read more: Rapid Reader with Spritz

For those who want to read more, this app promises to help you tear through novels at super-human speed by minimising inefficient eye-movements across the page.

Stop smoking: Vapestick E-Cigarette

Increase your chances of quitting smoking by purchasing an E-Cig. All the nicotine you could hope for but without the damaging tar.

Get fit: Nike FuelBand SE

Make sure you achieve your fitness goals by setting targets and competing with your friends with the Nike FuelBand SE.

Get organised: Smythson Panama Diary

This berry-coloured pocket diary from Smythson takes the pain out of admin. Bound in printed calf leather, it also has a useful slip pocket on the inside cover.

Learn a new language: Duolingo

This patient green owl helps budding linguists learn a European language for free on Duolingo, an app game that turns procrastinating on your phone into something productive.

Be productive: Anti-Social

Particularly useful for home-workers, this downloadable software blocks websites and social media you find distracting for a specified period so you can get down to business.
From £9.85,

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