Bernie Ecclestone’s son-in-law James Stunt spotted on Clapham Northside

Gabriella Griffith
James Stunt with wife Petra Ecclestone (Source: Getty)
Spotted: Bernie Ecclestone’s son-in-law James Stunt and his ostentatious vehicle entourage was spied cruising along the less-than-conspicuous Clapham Northside yesterday.

The billionaire art dealer, married to Bernie’s daughter Petra, is known for travelling around London in a five-strong cavalcade of plush cars: two Range Rovers, two Rolls-Royces and a Lamborghini. All black. How very Batman, you might say.

“It looked like they were straight out of a film set,” said The Capitalist’s man on the ground.

Last time the entourage, which has licence plates like S1UNT, S2UNT etc., was spotted it was getting a parking ticket outside Christie’s art gallery.

But why was he in Clapham yesterday?

Perhaps James and Petra are looking for a new home in the trendy suburb? Maybe he was just showing off….

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