George Osborne takes a swipe at Vince Cable on Twitter

Guy Bentley
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Osborne is hoping for a Tory win in Twickenham (Source: Getty)

As we approach the general election expect the rift between the Conservatives and their Lib Dem coalition partners to widen ever further as they prepare to tear each other to shreds over the coming months.

Rarely a week goes by without a Lib Dem MP or minister warning the nation of the dire prospect of a Tory government hell-bent on slashing the state back to the levels of the 19th century. On the hand, the Tories can barely contain their contempt for their junior colleagues who they claim have had far too much influence on the government given their numbers.

It is little wonder that Tories look forward to the prospect of turning a host of seats from yellow to blue this year. Judging by his latest tweet, one Tory who is relishing the prospect of taking the fight to the Lib Dems is none other than chancellor George Osborne.

The chancellor has tweeted his support for the Conservative candidate in the Twickenham constituency, Tania Mathias, a doctor and Oxford graduate.

What makes the tweet especially interesting is that Twickenham is held by his fellow cabinet colleague, Lib Dem big beast and perpetual thorn in the Tory side, business secretary Vince Cable.

Cable currently has a substantial majority and is unlikely to be booted out this year. However, if he were to lose his seat on election night it would be one of the Tories' sweetest victories.

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