Transport for London's 2015 fare increases: When do they start and how much will your travelcard cost?

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Tube: We'll all be squeezing back on again soon (Source: Getty)

There are only a couple of days left to buy tickets - including travelcards - at current prices, before Transport for London increases your travel fare.

Prices are due to rise by an average 2.5 per cent across the board, which as TfL points out means they are “frozen in real terms”. The changes will come into effect from January 2.

If you use travelcards, here is what that means for you in reality:

  • No more Anytime 1-2 Day Travelcard (£9.00).
  • Anytime 1-4 Day Travelcard will increase from £11.40 to £12.00;
  • Off peak 1-5 Day Travelcard will increase from £8.90 to £12.00;
  • Anytime 1-6 Day Travelcard will be frozen in price at £17.00.

If you use the Tube, this is what it means:

  • Pay as you go single fares will increase by 1-p although off peak single fares outside zone 1 have been frozen
  • Cash single fares in 1-6 will increase by 30p to £6
  • No season ticket will increase by more than 2.5 per cent and the average increase is 2.3 per cent.

Fan of the Boris Bikes? This is what you’ll be paying now

  • From 2 January a flat £2 per 30 minutes fee is being introduced after the initial free 30 minute period for Barclays Cycle Hire.
  • The £2 daily bike access and £90 yearly membership will remain unchanged.

And if you use buses or trams, this is what it means:

  • Pay as you go single bus and tram fares will increase by 5p to £1.50
  • Daily ‘bus & tram travel only’ cap will be frozen at £4.40.
  • Seven Day Bus & Tram Pass will increase by 80p to £21.00.

TfL said London Mayor Boris Johnson had approached the fare increases from a different perspective this year, “to give flexible and part-time workers with unpredictable hours access to lower fares”.

“London’s workforce has changed, with many people working part time or flexible working patterns, meaning they do not know how many days or hours they will work each week,” TfL said.

Daily caps are being cut as a result. All day cap for zones 1-2 will be cut by £2 to £6.40, and for zones 1-6 by more than £4 to £11.70. This could save “flexible workers” around £600 a year, TfL estimated.

There is no change to concessionary travel rates.

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